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[He-Who-Kills door leads to The Dreaming.

Different lands inside flit by in a mindbogglingly mix until one weaves its way out, filling the frame and shows a town.

A house's chimney flue opens; Fireplace Imps scuttle out. Zanti Misfits swarm from the basement window of another dwelling. Coming around a corner, Talking Tina leads a procession of other unsettling dolls and stuffed toys. Faceless Fiends and Martian Hobs hop into view.

More and more of the town's eerie residents appear. They gather before the door.

The Small&Frightful cheer in unison. One of their own, long absent, has returned home.]
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[Anybody out in the Square, you might hear A-MAZING drum play. Follow the beat and it'll lead you to the Opera House. There on the stairs; creepy little drummer doll.

Impromptu jam session brought to you in honor of Curt Wild's return.]
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Kiss-kiss-kiss? Heh-heh!
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Ooh! Somebody, HELP!!


(OOC - Blue: Hat Red:Don't Sort, EVER!)
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[The thick salt ring around the Opera House stopped the corn's advance. Boney and other creepy, bloody skulls displayed along the ring's outer boarder serve as a warning: KEEP OUT or TROPHY!!

Up on the porch, collie sized pink dragon lounges. When push comes to shove, Prince's name and color become the only cute things about him. Gnawing on a broadsword, metal eating beast is working his way thru confiscated weapons pile - some of the House invaders were armed. All had their heads.

He Who Kills sits hunched on the bottom step, glaring at the field maze.]
Is no time for farming!
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No like this City magic! It make much leaves. Wind blow many leaves onto Opera House's land, cover dwelling. Me sweep-sweep-sweep all day.

Me hunter, not what called landscaper!
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You too thin. Me be good provider, bring you much food!

(OOC - Heaping dead eating animals, bread, fresh fruit and vegetables on your doorstep)
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Blackbird?! Ribbon girl leave gift of fire lizard!

(Pink, fairly not small, and has a favorite "food". Have fun NPCing.)


Jun. 12th, 2013 06:14 pm
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[He's standing in the middle of what looks like a slimed swap meet.]

Me opened worms, find many things inside. You lost things? Come to Opera House, get things back.
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Pig much small, but meat be much tender.

(OOC - "SOME PIG" or not, it's headed for the dinning table, unless....)
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You have much good trophy!

Me got trophy, too! [Flips on device, and there hanging on wall is it.]
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Much throwing of dung make you village idiot.
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[When you don't need sleep and never tire, you too can build a sprawling mini-ranch in a ballroom. It's got everything; corrals, runs, gates, yards, watering holes, feeding troughs, shelters, trees (yep, little trees), straw shredded down from full sized bales.

The herd contained within is two hundred plus strong. Compared to the hamster sized hippos and their new home, HWK looks like a giant. He lays down plates of freshly microwaved frozen vegetables in one 'field',opens the gates, and rings a triangle announcing dinner.]

Doggies, doggies, doggies! Soup on, soup on, soup on!


Jan. 5th, 2013 06:16 pm
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[Now that the large hulking dead guy (with the unzombie pointy teeth) filling your screen has your attention...]

You have zombies? You want help? Who you call?
[Thumps an axe against his chest for emphasis .] Me, ZOMBIEBUSTER!!

[OOC - Yep, that be Big Daddy from Land of the Dead

Cain broke the doll at HWK's request.

Anybody near where HWK is filming his advert, you'll see the other zombies milling around giving their "not acting normal brother" a wide berth. They're confused enough to instinctively to put some distance between themselves and the oddball.]
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This what called thinning the herd out. Darwin man say village idiots no live long. He much right!
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YES!!  Much dance, much good!!

[Joins the City's "Bust-a-Movement"]
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[Slenderman sobbing.]
[Sobbing grows in volume.]
[Somebody's crying a river.]
[The dam's burst. Mass flooding.]
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Celebration feast coming! Me get good bird, he much plump!

(Cain, very much alive big tom turkey is under the same roof with you.)
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Me no have missing undergarments, because me no wear undergarments. Heh-heh!
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Boy Huey leave City. Bug go, too.

(OOC - Got a good-bye letter. The "bug" was Femur, Huey's pet tooth fairy.)


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